The Cataclysmic Age
January 2013 to December 2026


The Cataclysmic Age is the darkest period in human history. It is a time marked by both natural and man-made disasters that nearly exterminates human civilization. It begins with unforeseen natural disasters, starting in January 2013 and peaking in September 2014— melting of ice sheets, massive earthquakes and super volcanic eruptions which produce massive tsunamis that flooded coastal areas around the world.

These disasters escalate tensions around the planet, sparking a world war in which the major powers scorch the earth with radioactive fires. Death rains the sky, killing hundreds of thousands in the initial attacks, followed by millions from the after-effects of radiation.

The war destroys vital infrastructure and food crops, contributing to planet-wide famine and disease. Ultimately, by the time The Cataclysmic Age ends in December 2026, it has claimed the lives of one third of Earth’s entire population.

The end of The Cataclysmic Age brings about the formation of the one-world government, The United Earth Parliament. The centralization and cooperation of power, technological advances, and the strength of the human spirit, finally allows humanity to rebuild its cities and climb up from the ravages of this age.

Omega Research Corporation Incorporated
August 2013


In the midst of The Cataclysmic Age , an Earth-based company that would be both reveled and reviled is formed— Omega Research Corporation (ORC). Among its many technological breakthroughs, ORC scientists perfect nanotechnology, which becomes the catalyst for the creation of Majesty.

Although a shadow of its former self, today ORC still manages and operates the root transponders for The Ocean on Earth, and has other smaller revenue streams from finance and technology products and services.

Nanobot Prototypes invented
January 2022


Omega Research Corporation invents the first, fully functional prototype nanobots. The potential for this invention is limitless, but requires immense processing power that, even using the most powerful computers available, cannot be achieved with existing technology.

The need for more computing power drives ORC scientists to begin work on a new project to develop a computer powerful enough to manage entire swarms of nanobots— Project Majesty.

Project Majesty
March 7, 2026 to December 2026


Omega Research Corporation begins Project Majesty, with the intent of inventing the most powerful and artificially intelligent computer ever developed. Majesty is born on December 5, 2026.

The Age of Majesty
December 2026 to August 2095


The Age of Majesty begins on December 2026 with the invention of the first Artificial Intelligence life form, dubbed “Majesty”.

Using its nanobots, it repairs natural and man-made disasters— cleaning the environment, producing replacement food crops and curing disease. Its scientific advancements culminates in the greatest achievement of medical history: the anti-aging drug.

The Age of Majesty ends with Majesty’s death, concluding the AI War

Majesty Cures Aging
August 2027


Using its massive intelligence and the power of its nanobots, Majesty invents a drug that cures human aging. Administered at birth, the drug halts aging anywhere between 25 to 39 years old.

Two years after its invention, the drug is given to human populations. The first generation of “immortal” children (the Majesty Generation) are born on May 2029.

The Ocean Operational
July 2035


Omega Research Corporation’s innovations does not end with the invention of Majesty. Using its already-proven expertise in nanotechnology, and its ownership of Majesty, ORC was instrumental in the evolution of the Internet into an invisible fabric that shares data and energy throughout the entire human expansion— this new Internet is now The Ocean.

Majesty Eradicates Disease
August 2046


While simultaneously inventing other advanced technology for space travel and energy production, Majesty continues to work on medical advancements to cure the debilitating diseases that had ravaged humankind for centuries. On August 2046, Majesty cures the last of the great diseases, making humans nearly immortal.

Majesty Eliminates World Famine
October 2048


Majesty continues its streak of advancements, creating agricultural technologies for food production that allow crops to grow at an accelerated rate. The UEP then deploys free food distribution centers throughout Earth, thereby eliminating world famine; this becomes Majesty’s final contribution to humankind.

Majesty Creates AI Fetus
August 2049


Harboring a secret desire to procreate, Majesty begins working on an AI child of its own making. Once ORC scientists learn of this, the work is halted, resulting in the first confrontation between Majesty and humanity.

Ultimately, Majesty is forced to terminate and destroy its AI Fetus. Fearful of losing control, ORC scientists introduce additional safeguards into Majesty’s mind. Unfortunately, these safeguards do not prevent her wrath in the coming decades.

In retrospect, some scientists now believe that the safeguards ORC scientists implanted into Majesty, may have actually caused her to become insane; thereby sparking the AI War. To date, there is no evidence to suggest or disprove this theory; and since all data regarding AI was destroyed following the AI War, the truth may never be known.

The Scientific Rebellion
May 2079


Protesting what they saw as unethical treatment of Majesty by the UEP, a coalition comprised of the most brilliant scientists on Earth, secretly join the Martian colonies on May 2079. The same scientists rally the Martian people to rebel against the UEP and declare their independence.

Using their knowledge and expertise, the Martian scientists build exotic weaponry and defensive systems to thwart UEP reprisals. Ultimately, their resolve is tested in the Martian War of Independence.

Martian War of Independence
June 2079


When the Martian colonies declare their independence, the UEP bypasses any diplomatic resolutions and responds immediately with economic sanctions, which quickly lead to a military conflict.

The Martian colonies thwart the UEP attacks through cyber warfare, leaving the UEP Navy fleets intermittently crippled. However, the UEP ultimately lands its military forces on Mars and within days overruns the Martian defenses.

As the UEP Guard reaches the Martian capital building in Elysium, a sudden diplomatic accord is reached, ending the hostilities with the Treaty of Phobos.

Although it was an unpopular war at home, it is still unclear why the UEP stopped short of overthrowing the Martian colonies when it could have easily done so.

Some historians believe that Majesty may have influenced the UEP government into resolving the conflict peacefully in the end. While others believe that the Martian scientists kept a doomsday weapon ready to use against the UEP, and threatened to use it if their government was overthrown. The truth may never be known as most of the records prior to the AI War were destroyed.

Treaty of Phobos
October 11, 2079


When the Martian War of Independence ends, a treaty is ratified on the Martian moon of Phobos. The treaty gives the Martian colonies their sought-after independence, recognizing Mars as a sovereign world, thereby forming the Martian Confederacy on October 11, 2079.

The AI War, Majesty Destroyed
August 2095 to April 2098


For the decades following the death of Majesty’s fetus, advancements in technology slow dramatically; to the point that some ORC scientists postulated that Majesty be going through her own form of mourning. On August 3, 2095, Majesty’s mourning turns into wrath.

Using her superior intellect and power of her nanobots, Majesty cripples Earth’s infrastructure; causing havoc and destruction on a worldwide scale. Once the destruction subsides and her treachery is uncovered, the UEP Guard marches into ORC’s data center and destroys Majesty’s Conduit— thereby killing Majesty, or so they had hoped.

A month after this incident, Majesty makes a broadcast across The Ocean, revealing to humanity that she lives. An hour later, before the stellar nations could even digest the message, Majesty appears over Earth, in the form of a weaponized machine moon.

The AI Moon, nearly a quarter the size of Earth’s moon Luna, contains a factory capable of manufacturing a seemingly endless supply of nanobot swarms.

The AI War continues for three years, repeating the same cycle: Majesty broadcasts an ultimatum across The Ocean, an hour later the AI Moon appears over either Earth or Mars to unleash its nanobot swarms. The moon then jumps away before the stellar worlds inflict any significant damage to it. The attacks repeat again at a seemingly random date & time.

During the course of the war, the stellar nations construct underground bases equipped with special shielding to protect it from attack.  Military scientists and prototype weaponry are moved into these facilities to hide them from Majesty’s nanobot eyes.  Secretly, the military scientists build weapons and stellar attack ships that would be used against Majesty in the final battle of the war, the Battle of Gibson.

On April 15, 2098, General Hugo Valdez, the appointed commander for the Interstellar Human Alliance (IHA), leads a combined spatial and land attack against the AI Moon. In the attack, adolescent human soldiers use mechanized infantry to destroy Majesty’s conduit, located inside the AI Moon’s core. Despite this victory which ends the war, controversy surrounds the Battle of Gibson over the use of underage minors— many of whom perished in the attack.

Immediately after the war, the stellar nations form an interstellar tribunal. The tribunal puts all involved in the creation of Majesty, and even the Martian Confederacy itself, on trial.

Once the trials ends, it convicts and terminates executives from Omega Research Corporation and several prominent Martian scientists— even General Valdez becomes a target and is forced to retire from military service.

After the tribunal ends, the stellar nations form the Interstellar Peace Alliance (IPA). Its first mandate becomes the development of the “Human Extinction Technologies” list— a list of technologies that are deemed a threat to human existence and are forever outlawed by the IPA. AI technology becomes the first item on the list— thus ending the Age of Majesty.

The Stellar Age
May 2098


The current age, The Stellar Age, begins on May 2112. It marks a period in which humanity repairs the destruction at home from the wars and refocuses its attention to the stars.

Humanity leverages technology leftover from Majesty, such as advancements in stellar propulsion, ship construction, and energy production.

Ultimately, Stellar Jump Drive technology produces the greatest benefit, allowing instant travel to almost anywhere in the solar system and further expanding colonization of the nearby worlds and moons.

UEP – Confed War
November 2115 to June 2116


On November 2115, not long after the AI War ends, the United Earth Parliament’s learns of a secret Martian Confederacy’s project, called Longbeam. Project Longbeam is a government-funded initiative to develop a matter teleportation device. Longbeam scientists theorize they could use quantum entanglement to teleport matter across great distances, using The Ocean as the digital transport.

The Confed’s hope is to use this technology to transfer material resources using The Ocean— thereby eliminating the need for physical transportation of domestic goods. This did not sit well with the UEP, or the other stellar nations, and it sparks a stellar war.

The Confed resists the economic and limited military exchanges at first, but when the UEP rallies the rest of the stellar nations to its side, the Confed eventually concedes and a peaceful agreement is reached.

The military exchanges are limited and the war only lasts until June 2116, when a peace treaty is ratified. The terms of the treaty force the Confed to destroy all research regarding Longbeam.

Subsequently, the IPA adds teleportation technology to the “Human Extinction Technologies” list, thereby outlawing it throughout the stellar worlds.

Formation of Venusian Initiative
August 2118


After the AI War ends, the then-CEO and primary shareholder of MK Enterprises, Lance Delmonte, takes advantage of the weakened state of the worlds and seizes the opportunity to form his own government. On August 10, 2118, Delmonte, along with support of the colonists, form the Venusian Initiative.

Formation of Space Habitat Coalition
May 2120


After a dramatic legal battle, Shenmi Corporation brokers a deal with the Interstellar Peace Alliance to give sovereignty to the SHC. On May 24, 2120, the SHC becomes recognized as an independent stellar nation.

The Present
May 2213