Omega Research Corporation:

Headquartered in Irving, California (North America, Earth, Sol System), Omega Research Corporation (ORC) employs approximately 312,000 people stellarwide. ORC’s is primarily engaged in the research, development, manufacture and maintenance of advanced technology designed to make our worlds a better place.

For the past 160 years, ORC has brought history-making and life-changing technologies to humanity— healing Earth’s wounds in the Cataclysmic Age and ending the horrors of disease, famine and aging.

Today, ORC continues its grand innovation through the creation and expansion of The Ocean, bringing data and electrical power to worlds, orbital cities and outposts.
Omega Research Corporation is divided into the following operating units:

• Banking

• Biotechnology

• Computing Cycle Aggregator

• Digital Ocean Transponder Services

• Strategic Defense Technology

• Orbital Defense Technology

• Stellarnautics