Majesty’s Lexicon

Age of Majesty: The time period following the Cataclysmic Age, in which Majesty (aka the AI Mind) was created and helped humanity flourish— erasing centuries of damage done to Earth and the human DNA.

AI / A.I.: The abbreviation for Artificial Intelligence— a non-biological sentient being, with immense intelligence and computing power.

AI Moon: Majesty’s home and weapon platform during the AI War, it was an artificial moon approximately a third the size of Earth’s moon.  It is theorized that Majesty secretly constructed it in the years between her AI Fetus’ death and the onset of the war.  The AI Moon housed a nanobot factory, giving Majesty an endless supply with which to wage war.  The IHA, under the command of General Hugo Valdez, destroyed it and all remnants of AI technology at the end of the war.

Bracelink, Earlink, Wristlink: A device worn by humans that functions as a personal data organizer and also enables access into The Ocean for communication and data sharing.  See also Mindlink.

Cataclysmic Age: A perilous time period in which wars, disease and famine ravaged mankind.

Conduit: A device that houses the consciousness of an AI being– has a crystal-like appearance and usually an inner glow when occupied by an AI.

CSOW: Abbreviation for Covert Space Operations Wing.  A now defunct branch of the UEP Military that has been replaced by the UEP Enforcers branch.

Deimos-1: At over 140 years old, Deimos-1 is the oldest orbital station in operation. Originally a base for the UEP to use as a launch pad for the colonization of Mars, it was abandoned after the formation of the Martian Confederacy. Rather than being demolished, it was bought by a private investor who converted it what it is today, an adult entertainment pleasure port.

Elation: Elation is a potent and addictive narcotic, first discovered around 2165; its origins are unknown. The psychological effects of Elation vary from person to person, but generally all users experience a sense of well-being, confidence and increased energy-levels where the need for sleep can be all but eliminated. It is the most addictive narcotic known to man and the only drug with a 100% fatal withdrawal rate— once addicted, if an addict stops taking it, they will die within a matter of days. To date, there is no treatment for Elation withdrawal.

Elysium: The capital of Mars and the center of all branches of government for the Martian Confederacy government. Elysium is also the heart of the Confed economy, being the hub for both import and export shipping.

Flickers, Flicker-Pistols, Flicker Rifles: Flickers is the term used for any small-arms weapon that fires accelerated protons. Flicker weapons are utilized by police and military forces, but can also be procured by citizens illegally through black markets.

HAMR: The abbreviation for Human Assisted Mechanized Robot— a mechanized infantry vehicle used during the AI War to destroy Majesty’s Conduit. HAMRs can only be used by adolescent soldiers and has since been an outlawed technology for that reason.

Human Extinction Technologies (HET): A document maintained by the IPA and created during the ratification of the Treaty of Phobos, which lists technologies that are deemed a threat to human existence. Any technology on the HET list is outlawed by all the stellar nations. Possession or trafficking of HET material is punishable by death

Interstellar Human Alliance (IHA): The predecessor to the IPA, the IHA was formed on the onset of the AI War and comprised of the two major stellar nations: the United Earth Parliament and the Martian Confederacy. Through the IHA, the stellar worlds combined their power to ultimately defeat Majesty in the AI War. After the war, the IHA was renamed to the Interstellar Peace Alliance.

Interstellar Peace Alliance (IPA): Formed after the AI War, the IPA is comprised of most of the major worlds: The United Earth Parliament, Martian Confederacy and the Venusian Initiative; the Space Habitat Coalition is the only major power not a part of the IPA. The IPA’s mandate is to police advanced technologies and destroy anything that could potentially be a threat to human existence.

MC: Abbreviation for the Martian Confederacy.

Mindlink: A device used to enable direct neural connectivity into The Ocean.  Once activitated, a Mindlink user is projected into The Ocean and his/her senses are linked to the user’s probe.  The probe is then mentally controlled by the Mindlink user.  Mindlinks are the preferred tool used by hackers to traverse The Ocean.  Due to the crackdown on the Hacker Brotherhood of the 2050s, Mindlinks are outlawed in most of the stellar nations.

Nanobot Utility Services (NUS): Tiny, cell-sized robots capable of manipulating matter and energy in unique ways. Nanobots can only be controlled with the massive processing power of AI. The Treaty of Phobos outlaws both AI and nanobot technology throughout the stellar nations.

Nanoform: An arrangement of nanobots that mimics the form of an entity, such as a human being. Used by AI to disguise themselves as humans.

New Las Vegas: A major resort city located underground near Elysium, Mars. Modeled after the original Las Vegas from old Earth, it is renowned for gambling, exotic entertainment, shopping, fine dining and its luxurious hotels.

Root Transponders: The technology that emits and amplifies the initial Waves that comprise The Ocean. Once emitted, Waves draw energy from surrounding space and do not need to be re-amplified with root transponders.

SHC: Abbreviation for the Space Habitat Coalition.

Spacer: Term used to denote a rookie on a stellar ship– usually in the military.

Stealth Shroud: An invisible area of subspace that co-exists with regular space. The Stealth Shroud can be entered using Stellar Drive. Once inside, any ship is virtually invisible to anything in normal space. However, other vessels inside the shroud can sometimes detect other ships within it.

Stellar Drive: A spatial propulsion technology that bends space-time around a vessel, allowing it to travel instantly to any location in the solar system. The technology relies on a common navigation database that contains a set of required variables. These navigation variables exist only for charted space, limiting travel to within the space between the nine planets in Sol system.

The Hacker Brotherhood: A now defunct group of hackers that used their skills to commit numerous cyberterrorism acts, mainly in the form of cybervandalism to promote their beliefs in an anarchistic society. Majesty assisted law enforcement in the capture and incarceration of the brotherhood members.

The Ocean: The successor to the Internet, an invisible fabric that shares data and energy throughout the entire human expansion. All human technology is integrated in some way to The Ocean.

The Sea Wolf: A UEP Navy heavy cruiser class of ships, contractually built by MK Enterprises. Originally intended to succeed the Vanguard class, The Sea Wolf class never went into full production. The lead (and only produced) of this class, The Sea Wolf, was officially decommissioned shortly after the UEP/Confed War. However, it somehow evaded this fate and is crewed by a group of pirates, commanded by the fugitive Julius Verndock

Waves: The invisible pathways that carry The Ocean’s signal through space. Waves draw energy from space and have unlimited range and capacity.

Waterfall: A device, used by technologists (and hackers), to holographically display The Ocean in a visual representation that a human can understand.

Wristcom / Earcom: A communication device that opens an interactive holographic or audio-only conference to another party.

UEP: Abbreviation of the United Earth Parliament.

UES: Abbreviation of United Earth Ship. Prefix used by the UEP Navy for ship designations.

Vens: Slang for a VI native or the entire VI as a whole.

VI: Abbreviation for the Venusian Initiative.

Z-40 Fighter: A small, multi-role stellar fighter once used by the UEP military. It was originally developed by MK Enterprises for the UEP Navy as a stealth assault fighter, designed to knock-out enemy orbital defenses in a first-strike scenario. It was equipped with a Hummingbird, a device that allowed it to control its inertia, giving it exceptional maneuverability and survivability in a dogfight.

The Z-40 was discontinued shortly after entering service due to numerous fatal accidents involving misuse of the Hummingbird. Future variations were developed without the Hummingbird and dubbed the Z-44.