United Earth Parliament



The United Earth Parliament is the one-world government of Earth. Formed to help humanity survive the Cataclysmic Age, a period where more than a third of Earth’s population died due to natural and man-made disasters. Following this period, the UEP solidified its rule of Earth during the Age of Majesty, when the AI cured most of humankind’s problems and brought worldwide peace.

When Majesty created Stellar Drive technology, the UEP sought to expand into the nearby world of Mars— sending seed ships to colonize and eventually terraform it into a habitable planet. However, the expansion was halted when a group of scientists left the UEP and brought the Stellar Drive technology to the Martian colonies, who were already secretly trying to secede themselves from the UEP.

A war erupted between the Martian colonies and the UEP, but it soon ended when public outcry against the war forced the UEP into a peace treaty; this resulted in the formation of the Martian Confederacy and forced the UEP to recognize it as a sovereign world.

Years later, Majesty became a threat to humanity and both the UEP and the Confederacy went to war against it. Once Majesty was destroyed, the Venusian colonies became emboldened by the UEP’s weakened position and followed in the Confed’s footsteps to form the Venusian Initiative. This opened the door for the formation of other stellar nations, such as the Space Habitat Coalition.

Stellar Geography

Home World:
Earth, Sol System

Spatial claims:
The entire planet of Earth and its moon.
Orbital stations:  Aquarius-1, Aries-1, Aries-2, Deimos-1 (until December 2271), Helios-1, Parus-1, Stardust-1, Venus-1 (50%)



1,720,277,706 (July 2212 est.)

Population growth rate:
-0.242% (2211 est.)

English 52%, Chinese 30%, Spanish 12%, other Indo-European 3%, Asian and Pacific island 2%, other 1%


World name:

Conventional long form:
United Earth Parliament


Government type:
Parliamentary republic

Name: New York City, North America
Location: Earth, Sol System

Heads of Government:
(Since January 2211)

Executive President:
Frank Sino

Secretary of Security & Premier:
Ned Jackson

Vice Presidents:
Joseph Graydon
Helena Boyles
Chan-juan Hao
Eugen Dragos

Secretary of Commerce:
Floyd Stanford

Secretary of Infrastructure:
Zhuang Yang

Secretary of Law & Order:
Manuel Ortiz

Secretary of Terrestrial Affairs:
Alexander Trage


The UEP has the largest and most diverse economy of the stellar worlds, with a GSI of 83Tc (per capita GSI @ 252Kc). In this market-oriented economy, business firms make most of the decisions and the world government buys needed goods and services predominantly in the private marketplace. Boasting the largest military of all the worlds also gives it decided influence in interstellar affairs.

UEP corporations enjoy a great deal more flexibility and influence in government policy than its stellar neighbors: The Martian Confederacy and Venusian Initiative. At the same time, their reliance on extraterrestrial material that is not available domestically has forced an imbalance in stellar trade favoring the other worlds. In addition, the population of unemployed vagrants on Earth has been steadily growing– resulting in increased crime throughout the planet.

Corporate Guardianship Program (CGP)

To combat the vagrancy problem, the UEP has pushed the controversial Corporate Guardianship Program (CGP), in which citizens submit themselves to have their lives planned and controlled by corporate employers. In this arrangement, the citizen is called a child of the company instead of an employee. Once put under its guardianship, the company manages most of the citizen’s affairs— finances, health, long-term planning, psychological, social and consumer needs. In exchange, the citizen will have to perform whatever duties the company requires (usually rotating roles and duties multiple times per year); terms of employment usually last three years.

It is still too early to measure the positive effect of CGP on the UEP economy. Nevertheless, the economy is projected to continue steady growth, low inflation, and additional commerce through stellar expansion.


As with all the stellar nations, The Ocean is engrained in the UEP’s terrestrial and stellar processes and resource exchanges. For decades, The Ocean’s central root transponders were physically located on the UEP’s home world, Earth. At the end of the UEP-Confed war, one of the mandates in the Treaty of Phobos required the decentralization of The Ocean, opening the other stellar worlds to host their own root transponders.

Nevertheless, the UEP has a technological advantage in its Oceanic infrastructure. By utilizing a more robust network of private sub-Waves, it is able to transfer greater amounts of resources through the stellar Ocean than the other worlds, giving its corporations an edge over its stellar neighbors.



Terrestrial Armed Forces

The UEP has the largest combined military force of all the interstellar worlds, comprised of terrestrial and stellar armed forces. Its terrestrial forces are called the UEP Guard and are a land, air and sea force. The UEP Guard’s primary duty during peacetime is to enforce local laws, provide support to citizens when needed, and maintain the safety of all air and sea shipping. In time of war, the UEP Guard’s mandate is to repel invasions to its terrestrial assets on Earth and abroad.

Stellar Armed Forces

The stellar armed forces is solely comprised of the UEP Navy (includes UEP Marine Corps). During peacetime, the UEP Navy’s duty is to deal with any stellar attacks on UEP assets, such as piracy or other criminal activities. During wartime, the UEP Navy’s mission is to engage and destroy the interstellar navies of the enemy, clearing the way for the UEP Marine Corps to lead any terrestrial invasions.

UEP Enforcers

The UEP has a special covert military branch called the UEP Enforcers. Originally called the Covert Space Operations Wing (CSOW), the Enforcers are a small, lean force designed to operate in both a terrestrial and interstellar capacity. They are primarily used for covert military, police and espionage operations. In many cases, Enforcers will work closely with both the UEP Navy and UEP Guard for special missions. However, unlike the other armed forces who report to the Secretary of Security & Premier, the UEP Enforcers report directly to the Executive President.

Military Technologies

The UEP Navy is comprised of mainly human-operated military assets such as stellar cruisers and fighters. Additionally, they utilize remote, drone-based military craft such as: Attack Drones, Stellar Torpedoes and Interstellar Cannons. Both the UEP Guard and Marine Corps’ infantry operate terrestrial military assets such as: air/sea ships, hybrid stellar/aerial fighters and mechanized robotic forces. UEP Enforcers operate lesser-armed variants of these arsenals.

Transtellar Issues

Even after the Treaty of Phobos, tensions between the United Earth Parliament and the Martian Confederacy have never fully eased. Shortly after the treaty, the UEP accused the Confed of continuing to harbor AI technology, forcing a multi-world team of inspectors to search for evidence of the outlawed technology on Martian soil. Despite not finding any evidence, the UEP has remained distrustful of the Confed and continues to raise the AI issue during Interstellar Peace Alliance conferences.