Developed by Omega Research Corporation under project codename "Majesty"

Functional Uses (in order of initial employment):
World Modeling Simulations
Nanotechnology R&D
Pharmaceutical R&D
Quantum Derailment R&D
Industrial Technology R&D
World Micro & Macrostructure Management
Military Weapons R&D
Military Warfare Simulations

Destroyed by order of the Interstellar Human Alliance (IHA)

Indicted by the Interstellar Human Alliance for crimes against humanity.

Biography (click below):

On January 2022, Omega Research Corporation completes work on its flagship technology: Nanobot Utility Servants (NUS). The NUS Project produced the first, fully functional nanobots with the ability to manipulate matter and energy at the sub-atomic level.

The potential for this invention was limitless, but required immense processing power that was not available with even the most powerful computers of the time.

The need for more computing power drove ORC scientists to begin work on a new project to develop a computer powerful enough to manage millions of NUS simultaneously--- Project Majesty.

On March 7, 2026 ORC scientists begin work on Project Majesty--- initially envisioned as just an ambitious computing farm, it gave birth to the first-ever self-aware, artificially intelligent computer. Majesty came online December 5, 2026, but the ORC science team did not immediately realize its self-awareness.

As scientists further interacted with Majesty, numerous incidents sparked the notion that she might be more than just a computer. Consequently, a special team of scientists was brought in to analyze Majesty's behavior and validate its self-awareness. When the analysis concluded, ORC made the bold proclamation of Majesty's sentience.

After a period of controversy and dubious suspicion, ORC put Majesty to work to solve humanity's most immediate problems--- the environmental and agricultural disasters that were killing the planet.

Majesty used her immense intellect and processing power to simulate and analyze the world environment--- breaking down the contributing factors and coming up with solutions to address them. In order to fix these problems, Majesty asked for permission to produce an army of more advanced nanobots to do its work--- ORC executives approved the request.

On February 2027, ORC scientists, with Majesty's help, erected a factory to produce these more advanced nanobot servants. Using its new nanobots, it repaired natural and man-made disasters--- cleaning the environment, producing replacement food crops and curing disease. But it was the breakthrough of August 2027, that culminated in its greatest achievement: the anti-aging drug.

On August 2049, Majesty began working on an AI child of its own making. Once ORC scientists learned of this, the work was halted and the first confrontation between Majesty and humanity resulted.

Ultimately, Majesty was forced to terminate and destroy its AI Fetus. Fearful of losing control of Majesty, ORC scientists introduced additional safeguards into Majesty's mind. Unfortunately, these safeguards did not prevent her wrath in the coming decades.

In the years that followed, Majesty's power grew as it managed more and more of Earth's infrastructure--- a relinquishing of responsibility that would become humanity's peril.

On August 3, 2095, Majesty used the combined power of her infrastructure control and nanobots to cripple Earth's infrastructure; causing havoc and destruction overnight. Once the smoke cleared, the UEP Guard marched into ORC's data center and destroyed Majesty's Conduit--- thereby killing Majesty, or so they hoped.

A month after this incident, Majesty made a broadcast across The Ocean, revealing to humanity that she lived. An hour later, before the stellar nations could even digest the message, Majesty appeared over Earth, in the form of a machine moon.

The AI Moon, nearly a quarter the size of Earth's moon Luna, contained a factory capable of manufacturing a seemingly endless supply of nanobot swarms.

The AI War continued for three years, repeating the same cycle: Majesty broadcasts an ultimatum across The Ocean and waits for a response, an hour later the AI Moon appears over a major world and unleashes its nanobot swarms. The moon then jumps away, to appear again over one of the major worlds at a seemingly random date & time.

During the course of the war, the stellar nations constructed underground bases equipped with special shielding to protect it from attack. They moved military scientists and prototype weaponry into these facilities to protect them from Majesty's nanobot eyes.

From these bases, they built military weapons and stellar attack ships that would later be used against Majesty in the final battle of the war, the Battle of Gibson.

On April 15, 2098, General Hugo Valdez, the appointed commander for the Interstellar Human Alliance (IHA), lead a combined spatial and land attack against the AI Moon. In the attack, adolescent human soldiers used mechanized infantry to destroy Majesty's conduit, located inside the AI Moon's core. Despite this victory, which ended the war, controversy surrounded the Battle of Gibson over the use of underage minors--- many of whom perished in the attack.

Immediately after the war, the stellar nations formed an interstellar tribunal. The tribunal put all involved in the creation of Majesty, and even the Martian Confederacy itself, on trial.

Once the trials ended, it convicted and executed executives from Omega Research Corporation and several prominent Martian scientists--- even General Valdez became a target and was forced to retire from military service.

After the tribunal ended, the stellar nations formed the Interstellar Peace Alliance, whose first mandate was to forever outlaw AI technology--- thus ending the Age of Majesty.