These are links to valuable resources & people who have helped me along the way in writing Majesty’s Offspring


Willie Vega: Awesome musician.  Responsible for the cool music on this site.  He’s got an awesome online radio show for musicians— Check him out!

John David Kudrick: My editor.  Can’t say enough about him— has done a great job with my novel so far.  Highly recommend him!

Duncan Long: My artist.  Did the cover art and many of the illustrations— a fantastic artist, I highly recommend him. Check out his site, he has some very cool artwork and also keen insight into the publishing industry.

Novel Website Design:  The fine folks that helped me with the design & layout of this web page.  Highly recommended.

WriteItNow: An affordable story writing software for both Windows & Mac.  I could not have written my novel without this software.  It’s absolutely awesome! A (usually) nice community of readers & writers, many of whom gave me valuable critique as I wrote my novel.  Highly recommend it for anyone starting out as a writer.

Solcommand: Site with some cool sci-fi 3D meshes (models) created by the site’s author and nobly offered as free downloads.  The author was nice enough to let me use a couple of his really nice models for artwork on here.