Julius Verndock:

Former Allegiance:
Enlisted Officer, UEP Navy, United Earth Parliament

Military Occupation:
Captain (formerly), UEP Navy & UEP CSOW

Formal Education:
Level 4 General Degree
Level 7 Stellar War Command
Level 2 Spatial Engineering Degree

Wanted Fugitive

Indicted by United Earth Parliament, Martian Confederacy, Venusian Initiative, and Space Habitat Coalition for the crimes of:
• Aggravated spatial assault
• Illegal boarding
• Piracy
• Theft of government property
• Unlawful possession of weaponry
• Trafficking of stolen goods


Captain Julius Verndock was born in Suva (Viti Levu, Fiji Islands, Earth, Sol System) during the Age of Majesty, on May 29, 2029 to New Zealand (Earth, Sol System) parents Brandon Verndock and Veronica Hiri. The couple raised Verndock in a small village in Viti Levu.

Verndock was part of Generation Majesty, the first generation of children born without the affliction of old age. His father, an avid seafarer, took young Verndock with him frequently out to fish on his sailboat. It was here that he learned how to handle a boat and tame the ocean.  These trips also piqued Verndock’s curiosity about maritime history and particularly the Golden Age of Piracy of the 17th century. These interests further manifested themselves  as he learned and competed in fencing and sharpshooting tournaments— becoming an expert marksmanship and master of the sword.

At the age of 18, Verndock had to cope with the disappearance of his father, who unexpectedly left the family.  Urged by his mother, he left the village to join the UEP Navy and entered the UEP Navy War College. Once there, he attained Level 4 General, Level 2 Spatial Engineering, and Level 7 Stellar War Command degrees.

After graduating, he entered active duty, where he rose to the rank of Captain in the special UEP military branch of the Covert Space Operations Wing (CSOW). Ten years into his career, Verndock’s mother was killed in a hovercar accident— and he subsequently learned of the existence of his younger brother, Daryl, who was conceived by his mother through invitro-fertilization, using cells she had kept of his missing father. Verndock formally adopted Daryl and continued to raise him.

At the onset of the AI War in 2095, Verndock commanded the UEP CSOW’s No. 1 Stellar Squadron, dubbed “The Jolly Rogers”. While commanding The Jolly Rogers, Verndock lead thirteen counter-attacks, defending both Earth and bases on Luna, for which he received a UEP Distinguished Service Medal.

In early 2111, Majesty’s nanobots attacked The Jolly Rogers’ Stellardrome in Toiyabe, Nevada, North America, Earth. Verndock single-handedly repelled the attack. Although he initially refused to accept the award, he was presented the prestigious military award, the UEP Legion of Merit for his actions.

Due to extensive damage from the attack, the stellardrome was ultimately closed. Later that year, Verndock was transferred to the newly formed UEP Navy and given command of the UEP Battlecruiser, the UES Intimidator.
Verndock’s military career culminated in the controversial Battle of Gibson, the final confrontation between humanity and Majesty. During the battle, Verndock disobeyed orders to rescue his stranded brother on the AI Moon.

Although he both successfully rescued his brother and completed the mission, he was given a dishonorable discharge for his actions, thereby permanently ending his military career with the UEP.

Currently, Verndock is wanted by the stellar nations for numerous crimes and is also on the UEP Enforcers most-wanted list.  Verndock and the crew of the stolen UEP vessel The Sea Wolf are responsible for numerous acts of piracy throughout the system and continue to evade capture.  The Sea Wolf’s whereabouts are presently unknown.