Laina Edwards:

Former Allegiance:
Citizen, United Earth Parliament

Civilian Occupation:
Chief Financial Executive, Omega Research Corporation (formerly)

Formal Education:
Level 4 General Degree
Level 7 Political Science
Level 7 Industrial Science
Level 5 Stellar Economics

Wanted Fugitive

Indicted by United Earth Parliament, Venusian Initiative, and Space Habitat Coalition for the crimes of:

• Conspiracy to commit piracy
• Theft of government property
• Unlawful possession of weaponry
• Trafficking of stolen goods
• Vandalism

Biography (click below):

Laina Edwards was born on March 8, 2096 in Irving, California (North America, Earth, Sol System), and raised along with her six siblings by their father, Lewis Edwards I, founder of Omega Research Corporation (ORC).

Edwards spent her early years living a lavish lifestyle with her upper-class family and tutored by the best professors in the industrial, economic and political sciences. After earning her Level 4 General, Level 7 Political Science, Level 7 Industrial Science, and Level 5 Stellar Economic degrees, she entered into the family business at ORC.

During the twenty years employed there, she held various management positions, rising up to become its Chief Financial Executive (CFE). While employed there, she met her future husband, Sam Franklin.

For reasons unknown, Edwards resigned her position at the company and then flew with Franklin off-world to get married. A year into the marriage, they had one daughter, Samantha Franklin.

When ORC’s acting CFE unexpected left the company, the company urged Edwards to return, which she eventually did to resume her position as its CFE. She continued to work at ORC for 14 more years until her husband died unexpectedly from an accidental drug overdose.

Shortly after her husband’s death, a mysterious incident occurred at ORC involving an explosion at its headquarters building in Irving, California (North America, Earth). UEP Enforcers investigated the incident and Edwards soon became a prime suspect. Before she could be formally charged, she disappeared, abandoning her job and home, taking her daughter with her.

Edwards was indicted on charges of vandalism, and destruction of private property. Later, UEP Enforcement further indicted her for numerous counts of piracy against the stellar nations, which put her on the UEP Enforcers most-wanted list.

Years after Edwards’ disappearance, her daughter, Samantha Franklin, surfaced and was brought in by UEP Enforcers. After a thorough interrogation, she was released and apparently, the information she provided did not help Enforcers locate her mother. Laina Edwards' current whereabouts are still unknown.