Reece Ulva:

Former Allegiance:
Enlisted Officer, UEP Navy United Earth Parliament

Military Occupation:
First Lieutenant, UEP Navy (Formerly)

Private Sector Occupation:
Security Escort Pilot, Stromond Industries

Formal Education:
Level 4 General Degree
Level 4 Spatial Combat

Wanted Fugitive

Indicted by United Earth Parliament, Martian Confederacy & Venusian Initiative for the crimes of:
• Aggravated spatial assault
• Illegal boarding
• Piracy
• Smuggling illicit goods
• Trafficking of narcotics

Biography (click below):

Reece Ulva was born in Anchorage, Alaska (North America, Earth, Sol System) on June 22, 2085 to his parents Vernon Ulva and Sylvia Lee. Reece's father left them shortly after he was born, leaving his mother to raise him alone.

Lee supported them working as a freelance air taxi pilot, transporting locals to remote parts of Alaska. She took young Ulva with her every day on her air taxi, teaching him the basics of flight and even allowing him to take control on occasion.

When the AI War escalated, Lee flew them out of Anchorage to escape the destruction of the nanobot attacks. They settled in the city of Juneau, once one of the most populated cities in Alaska, now nearly abandoned after an attack by the AI earlier in the war. Although she kept Lee close to home most of the time, she did continue his education by home-schooling him up to a Level 2 General degree.

To escape the tedium of this sheltered life, Ulva and some of his friends would sneak out of their homes to play at a nearby abandoned junkyard. While there, Ulva played in old jet fighter wreckages, imagining himself as a fighter pilot--- a desire that never left him even as he grew up.

At the end of the war, they retuned to Anchorage and joined in the city's rebuilding effort. Lee used her air taxi to transport food and other vital supplies from central distribution centers in the city, to families living in remote areas. Ulva, now 16 years old, obtained a terrestrial pilot license of his own and assisted his mother in flying supplies for the effort.

As civilization returned to normal, Ulva went to local state schools, finishing his general education to a Level 4 General degree. Unable to be satisfied with terrestrial flying, he eagerly pursued his dream of becoming a spatial fighter pilot and at 18 enlisted into the UEP Navy. As a student of the UEP Navy War College, he continued his education toward obtaining a Level 4 Spatial Combat degree.

Now a UEP Navy stellar fighter pilot, Ulva was lucky enough to stay close to home, becoming stationed at the Anchorage UEP stellardrome--- home base to the UEP Navy's No. 23 Stellar Squadron, dubbed "The Arctic Wolves".

Ulva first saw live spatial combat when the UEP-Confed War erupted in 2115. Flying with The Arctic Wolves, he completed 62 sorties during the war and scored an outstanding 21 kills against the Confed Navy, earning him the title of Stellar Fighter Ace. In late 2122, he completed his tour of duty and retired from the UEP Navy as a First Lieutenant.

Between 2123 and 2145, at the heights of stellar piracy, Ulva worked as a commercial security fighter pilot, escorting transport convoys on their way out to safe stellar jumping distance. During this time, he scored many victories against pirates and successfully defended transports through 8,205 escort missions.

After 2145, Ulva joined Stromond Industries, becoming its Stellar Security Marshall. Officially, his role was to lead the stellar security force for the transport shipping division. However, his true role involved him in various illicit activities.

In April 2213, UEP Enforcers raided Stromond Industries and arrested all of its executives and employees for crimes related to narcotics trafficking--- Ulva was among a group that escaped the authorities.

The UEP, MC and VI have since charged Ulva with numerous counts of piracy and other related crimes. His current whereabouts are unknown.