Haylek Delta Upsilon:

Former Allegiance:
Citizen, Martian Confederacy

Citizen Occupation:

Formal Education:
Level 4 General Degree
Level 5 Oceanic Physics Degree

Other Skills:
Cyberwave Hacking

Penal Labor at Thyle Prison, Thyle I, Mars.

Convicted on February 2211 for numerous acts of cyberterrorism. Sentenced to fifty years of penal labor at Thyle Prison.

Biography (click below):

Haylek Delta Upsilon was born approximately in 2055, somewhere in North America (Earth, Sol System). His biological parents abandoned him as a toddler, dropping him off at a local hospital.

Only aware of his first name, Haylek was registered with the state and given the Delta Upsilon designation. Upsilon would spend the majority of his adolescent life as a foster-child living at the state living center with other orphaned children.

Under care of the state, he earned Level 4 General and Level 5 Oceanic Physics Degrees, the latter being the highest that can be earned through state schooling.

Having great interest in Oceanic Physics, and exhausting any formal education available to him, he learned hacking skills from other foster occupants at the center and used this knowledge later in his adult life for unlawful purposes.

Upsilon used the hacker handle of "Waverider", from which he committed crimes ranging from currency theft to cyberterrorism. It is believed that during the Age of Majesty he was associated with the Hacker Brotherhood, a group of hackers that used their hacking skills to commit numerous cyberterrorism acts, mainly in the form of cybervandalism to promote their beliefs in an anarchistic society.

As Waverider, his most infamous crime was the surreptitious diversion of data and power from over forty different major wave pipelines. He shared these stolen resources with the hacker community, providing them with electrical power and massive computing cycles that they used to hack other systems across The Ocean.

This latter crime was high profile enough to put him on the UEP Enforcers' most-wanted list--- ultimately the attention got him apprehended and convicted. He is currently serving the second year of a 50-year sentence of penal labor at Thyle Prison (Thyle I, Mars, Sol System).