Hargo Lawrence:

Former Allegiance:
Civic Defender, UEP Guard United Earth Parliament
Enforcer, UEP Enforcers United Earth Parliament

Private Sector Occupation:
Chief Security Marshal, J. Dagiri Industries

Formal Education:
Level 4 General Degree
Level 4 Spatial Combat
Level 5 Infantry Warrior
Level 5 Covert Operations

No Active Violations

Biography (click below):

Hargo Lawrence was born in Grozny, Russia (Asia, Earth, Sol System) on April 11, 2080 to his parents Tatiana Lawrence and Dmitri Olik. Lawrence’s father was a member of the infamous Vikenti crime family, a group that controlled organized crime activity in most of Russia. Olik was also a drug and alcohol addict who frequently beat both Lawrence and his mother.

Traumatized and filled with rage, Lawrence attempted to kill his father using a decorative battleaxe of his father’s— but the 15-year-old boy was no match for stronger Olik. His father beat him and evicted him from their home, forcing Lawrence to live in the streets of Grozny during the calamity of the AI War.

For the next two years, Lawrence lived in the slums— scavenging for food in dumpsters and seeking shelter in abandoned apartment buildings. He ended up joining a small street gang called "The Grozny Boys," and went on a spree of assaulting and mugging transients for currency.

One day, he convinced the gang’s leader to help him raid his father’s home. The gang successfully broke in and stole some valuables, with Lawrence obtaining his father’s battleaxe. However, an altercation occurred between Lawrence and the gang leader over ownership of the battleaxe. The argument concluded with Lawrence allegedly killing the gang leader with it.

When the AI War ended, Lawrence went back to the family home to check on his mother. He tried to convince her to flee Grozny with him, but she refused out of fear that Olik would kill them both. The next day, Lawrence waited for his father to arrive at their home with the intent of killing him.

As Olik exited his hovercar, Lawrence struck him down with his battleaxe, nearly decapitated him. He then took Olik’s body and left it in plain view at a busy road intersection. Although there was plenty of evidence to implicate Lawrence, Olik’s involvement with the Vikenti crime family made the authorities look the other way.

However, upon hearing of Olik’s death, a lieutenant from the Vikenti crime family found Lawrence and made him a deal. He would work as a hitman for the Vikenti’s for a time, and in return, they would forgive his father’s killing and provide enough currency for him and his mother to leave Grozny— fearing for his mother, Lawrence had no choice but to agree.

By September 2102, Lawrence had killed over sixty men under the Vikenti’s employment, more than satisfying his obligation to the crime family. However, a tragic incident occurred in which the Lawrence family’s home was burned down— killing his mother inside.

Certain that the Vikenti family was involved, he systematically tracked down and tortured their members until he found the information that he needed. With the help from his old gang, The Grozny Boys, he kidnapped the head of the Vikenti crime family, Joseph Vikenti.

Lawrence made Vikenti his personal prisoner in an underground sewer, where he kept him nourished but barely alive— torturing him for three months straight until he finally expired. This time the authorities charged and arrested Lawrence for the murder, but he was soon released for lack of evidence.

In late 2213, Lawrence decided to enter society, attending a free, state school where he earned a Level 4 General degree. From there, he joined the UEP Guard, attending UEP War College and earning a Level 5 Infantry Warrior degree. After completing his training, he became a Civic Defender in his home town of Grozny.

During his time as a Civic Defender, many former members of the Vikenti crime family suspiciously died, with Lawrence allegedly involved. However, the UEP-Confed War erupted and any interest in investigating the deaths never materialized.

In the middle of the UEP-Confed War, Lawrence transferred to the UEP Enforcers branch, where he obtained further education with Level 4 Spatial Combat and Level 4 Covert Operations degrees. However, his active duty time with the Enforcers was cut short when he had an altercation with his superior that turned into a fistfight. Although arrested, his superior chose not to press charges, instead Lawrence was allowed an honorable discharge from service.

Now a civilian, Lawrence worked numerous jobs in corporate security until settling in with J. Dagiri Industries, where he currently serves as its Chief Security Marshal.