Reluctantly, he withdrew his nanobot probe from her mind and retreated up to the concealment of the restroom’s ventilation system.

Michelle let out a breath, grabbed onto the counter, and steadied herself. After a moment, she looked in the mirror and sighed at the sight of the streaks of makeup. She hastily began to reapply the makeup substances and then darted out of the room.

It took him a few seconds to extrapolate useful knowledge from the downloaded memories. This knowledge would save him many days of preparation for adaption of his humanistic kernel to actual human behavior.

The plan was to enter the human school system, as a human boy in Level One General Education— the beginnings of human taught education. The experience would give him fundamental knowledge of human interaction, behavior and thought patterns. Allowing him to become a part of human society and remain undetected for as long as necessary.

The timetable would have taken him several more days to complete before entering this stage— but thanks to Michelle, he would not have to wait that long.

“I am ready now, Mother,” Daniel said. “I am ready for my first day of school.”