Three of the females left the restroom, but as expected, his target of interest remained.

Michelle was her name. Her dark hair was short and curly, with streaks of plum-colored dye mixed in. She wore her usual attire, which conflicted with the clothing the other students wore — a black coat over a decorative black shirt and chain-lined pants. Silver adornments pierced her body— ears, nose and even the webbing between her fingers.

Her body mass index would be classified as overweight by human standards— an odd thing considering the availability of medical augmentations that could enforce the desirable human form. However, this school was for low-income families— she probably could not afford the augmentations.

Michelle applied a black ink near the crevices of her eyes— apparently an attempt to accentuate the blue of her irises, one of the features that might be desirable to the other males.

“It is called makeup”, Mother said.

“How did you hear me?” he asked. It was a pointless question. Daniel felt flawed for having asked such a question, when he already knew the answer.