Another five star review of Soul Census…

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Faced with the prospect of little more than homelessness and abject poverty, World War I survivor Willem Maddock jumps at the chance to join Census, a covert organization tasked with overseeing the reincarnation of souls on Earth. The promise of action and adventure, though, soon devolves into a conspiratorial quagmire in which Willem finds himself boxed in on all sides by lost souls, forces from the spirit realm, and Nazis bent on world domination. Thrust in the midst of deadly spiritual warfare, Willem must summon strength he never knew he had to survive.

A riveting work of paranormal suspense, the appeal of Soul Census extends far beyond fans of the genre. The debut installment in a trilogy, author AJ Vega’s engaging offering combines compelling characters and engrossing action to present a tale both uniquely crafted and superbly executed. Vega’s vivid depictions of Willem’s intense struggles – both spiritual and physical – make his harrowing journey one to which readers from all walks of life can relate, and is reflective of Vega’s natural literary talent. In addition, the fantastical backdrop of Soul Census is sure to stoke the reader’s imagination and pique curiosity in all things spiritual.

Updated Majesty’s Offspring

I decided to do update Majesty’s Offspring. I took some advice I was getting in reviews and trimmed certain parts so it moves more quickly in certain spots. I also corrected some grammar and stylistic errors.

If you bought Majesty’s Offspring from the Kindle store before now, you can send Amazon support a message to refresh your copy to the new edition. They’re usually pretty quick about it.

Review of Soul Census…

Received a nice review from Reader’s Favorites on Soul Census. Check it out…


Reviewed by Chris Fischer for Readers’ Favorite

“Whoa! That’s exactly what I thought when I finished reading Soul Census, the first book in a planned trilogy by author AJ Vega. This absolutely epic read is one that will engage readers from the very first page and keep them obsessively reading all the way to the end, not exactly an easy feat with a book this size, but definitely worth the effort! Following Willem Maddock, a man who has survived World War I and is looking to return to peace and happiness in New York, this story line twists and turns in the most unexpected of ways. What Willem finds on the streets of New York is anything but welcoming. Poor and on his own, he’s not sure where to turn next. And when he’s approached by a mysterious man who recruits him to be an agent of “Census,” an organization charged with controlling the reincarnation of souls, he at first thinks the man must be crazy, but then realizes he has nothing to lose. What he finds is nothing like he’s ever experienced before, and is possibly nothing like readers have either. Battling demons, fighting for souls, and hanging in haunted houses is now his daily work, and readers will often wonder if he has a chance at all of making it!

I so enjoyed Soul Census. Author AJ Vega has done a truly amazing job with this book, creating characters that are both fantastic and realistic, and ones that his readers will be able to connect with, care about, and continue to think of long after the story is done. If that isn’t a hallmark of a great author, I’m not sure what is. The book is long, but the story line will keep readers engrossed throughout. As a big reader of paranormal fiction, this book is one that I found unique and creative, getting to be quite a rarity in the genre. I highly recommend this book to any reader who enjoys paranormal works, or someone who is just looking for a good read in general. I look forward to reading more from the obviously talented author, AJ Vega, as soon as I can!”

Soul Census now out….

Finally got Soul Census completed. It is available on Amazon here (click).   Now that it’s out of the way, maybe I can return to writing the sequel to Majesty’s Offspring. 🙂

Still here…

Been neglecting my blog of late, so I figured it was time to vomit something onto the screen.

Well, let’s see… the rollercoaster of life has been keeping me busy, but I won’t bore you with those details. My writing time has been mostly consumed by Soul Census. It appears to be the never-ending… ending that just won’t, well… end!

In any event, I’m hoping to have it done by May (no really!). I sent the first-half to my editor, and he apparently loved it, so that’s a good sign. Now I just have to make sure the last half is at least as good as the first… I actually think it’s going to be better.

So once this is done with, I plan on returning to the Age of Majesty series. I think I’ve decided on doing the sequel next instead of the prequel. Although, my mind might change again by the time I start writing. There is a definite allure to writing about the tribes and tribulations of Daniel Chin as a young AI. On the other hand, there is an allure to seeing Julius & Laina being the “parent” to Melody, and her trials and tribulations as an AI child in hiding. Okay, I’m torn again.

Time to return to my writing, till the next time I remember I have a blog…