Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, you can buy it…

Well, I guess I’ve just been too bloody busy to write on my blog, but I write something now because if I don’t, people will think I’m dead!  Lately, I’ve been so caught up in other projects, that I’ve neglected by blog far too long— so here we go!  So where do I start?

Well, in the process of trying to eliminate all of the stupid typos and sloppy grammar mistakes I made in Majesty’s Offspring since I’m still really a newb writer for the most part. Well, in the process of cleaning up Majesty’s Offspring to make it optimal for consumer consumption, I was so caught up in thinking it probably sucked, that out of embarrassment, I didn’t even want to mention that it was up for sale in my haste I forgot to mention on my very own Blog that it was up for sale. So, yeah, you can buy it here and now!

Overall, the pessimistic editor in me says it still sucks. Overall, despite being my own worst critic, I think it’s a great story with good characterization and will entertain most Sci-Fi fans. And at the price of a frackin’ cup of coffee, the eBook version is bloody cheap enough for anyone to be able to afford, so quit being a cheapskate and buy a copy!  I’ve wasted literally thousands of dollars already between the web site, artwork & editing for crying out loud! I think, particularly as an eBook, it’s pretty good entertainment value for the money.

As a backup plan, I am probably going to focus on either Majesty’s Spawn (a cheesy, sci-fi love story targeted at young adults ; since there’s like a billion YA readers apparently) or Soul Census (if I can muster up the bloody energy to actually build another completely different world in an alternate 1920s reality). In the meantime, I’m going to begin work on Majesty’s Spawn (a story that follows Daniel Chin’s early, teenage life in the human world; which I think is a really fun and interesting prequel to Majesty’s Offspring) and/or Soul Census (a completely different alternate-reality fantasy/sci-fi novel), as I think these would be fun projects with a lot of potential and reader interest.

Please excuse poor grammar and typos, I’m just too friggin’ lazy to try and proofread and edit everything I type!  Geeze!  Please excuse poor grammar and typos in my blog post, I think it lends more credibility when you can have complete freedom of expression without having to limit oneself by the rules of grammar and punctuation.  Yeah right!



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