eBook formatting, Beta Readers & Majesty’s Spawn…

Well, it’s been far too long since my last post, so I figured it was time for an update on things.

I’ve been hard at work trying to get the formatting just right for the eBook versions of Majesty’s Offspring on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble NOOK.  Unfortunately, it’s been a bit of trial & error— compounded by the fact that there is no single “official standard” in eBook formats.  Although the eBooks translate quite well with the B&N Nook (since I’m using the EPUB format natively), when I try to get it on the Kindle it doesn’t look exactly the same— oh it is readable and looks fine really, but I want both versions to look exactly the same and that seems to be a bit of a challenge. Ironically, I’ve had a much easier time getting it formatted for the pBook (print book) version. 

Nevertheless, I’ve included some nice things in the eBook, such as artwork and links back to the web site for relevant parts (like characters for instance).  I’d like to do more on this, but, at some point you have to quit trying to enhance something and “finalize” it.

In other news: I’ve sent out the free print books for my Beta Readers— you should be getting your book in the next few days, I hope you enjoy it… and remember, I want your feedback!

Also, it seems I’ve had a good amount of interest in the “side story” Majesty’s Spawn (the Daniel Chin Chronicles).  It’s a bit of a different story from Majesty’s Offspring in that it is more of a Young Adult/Love story (hey at least it’s not vampires & werewolves!)  Yeah, quite a departure— but if you read it you’ll see it makes sense and ties in nicely with the main story. 

If you haven’t read the free Majesty’s Spawn stories, you can read them here.  I might turn this into a full-length novel in the near future, I think it has some fun potential.

Okay, that’s it for now…


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