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Age of Majesty (Prologue Sample)

The Age of Majesty (Prequel)…

I’m a glutton for punishment. I must be as I’ve begun outlining another monsterpiece in the form of the prequel to the hugely unsuccessful highly admired by me mainly novel Majesty’s Offspring. The new novel, which I am targeting to be at novella length and will most likely be about two full novels-length worth in […]

The Prequel

Been a while since my last entry and for that I apologize. Life has been busy as of late. I’ve finally decided that my next writing project will be another science fiction novel… drumroll …It will be a prequel to Majesty’s Offspring. I have some good ideas of how I’m going to write it and […]

New Adventures, The Chronicles of Daniel Chin…

I went ahead and created my first “New Adventures” short story, based on characters from Majesty’s Offspring.  This one is going to be a series of episodes based on the early years of Daniel Chin. The story will center around Chin’s years in school, an exercise that his “mother” pushed him into for her own […]