Another five star review of Soul Census…

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Faced with the prospect of little more than homelessness and abject poverty, World War I survivor Willem Maddock jumps at the chance to join Census, a covert organization tasked with overseeing the reincarnation of souls on Earth. The promise of action and adventure, though, soon devolves into a conspiratorial quagmire in which Willem finds himself boxed in on all sides by lost souls, forces from the spirit realm, and Nazis bent on world domination. Thrust in the midst of deadly spiritual warfare, Willem must summon strength he never knew he had to survive.

A riveting work of paranormal suspense, the appeal of Soul Census extends far beyond fans of the genre. The debut installment in a trilogy, author AJ Vega’s engaging offering combines compelling characters and engrossing action to present a tale both uniquely crafted and superbly executed. Vega’s vivid depictions of Willem’s intense struggles – both spiritual and physical – make his harrowing journey one to which readers from all walks of life can relate, and is reflective of Vega’s natural literary talent. In addition, the fantastical backdrop of Soul Census is sure to stoke the reader’s imagination and pique curiosity in all things spiritual.

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