Soul Census

Despite life’s attempts to derail my ambitions, I am nearing the end of Soul Census. Only a chapter to go (I think).  I say “I think” because I don’t plan these things out– every page is a mystery to me. Whatever the characters do and say are as much a surprise to me as to the reader. As a writer, I am a “medium” peeking into another world where these adventures take place and I am but the historian recounting it all. At least that’s what I like to tell myself. 🙂

Soul Census has been a fun write/read. I think it has the potential to make people think– and that’s all I ever try to do… stir the broth of thought in our minds and see how it tastes.

I’ll probably be looking for “Beta Readers” soon. Well, after I have it professionally edited anyway. I’m sure it will need some “tidying” up by another set of eyes.

Not much else to report at this point. Till next entry…


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