Now free on Amazon…

Looks like Amazon has just recently thrown me a nice bone. They’ve made Book 1 of Majesty’s Offspring Free in the Kindle store (it was previously 0.99, which was the minimum an author could set the price to, unless Amazon chooses to make it free).

It was already free through multiple online retailers via Smashwords, but this is the first time it’s been free on Amazon— this is a good thing!  Last I checked it was the 24th most downloaded free Sci-Fi eBook; hopefully the readers will read it, like it, and buy the second book (which is available as an eBook for a mere $3.93 or $7.99 as a print book!)

So if you prefer Amazon/Kindle, and you haven’t already, go download the eBook HERE!  Hey it’s FREE now!  Smile

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