Nearing the End

I am almost done with Soul Census. I say this with confidence as I am writing the last chapter and should be done in a matter of days, maybe sooner.

This novel was both rewarding and emotionally exhausting. Mainly due to the numerous real life tragedies I faced in the midst of writing it. It is with a bit of sadness that I complete it and move on to the tedious process of editing, marketing, web pages, etc.  It does not mean it is the end of the Soul Census universe though, it will end open enough for more stories, as I did with Majesty’s Offspring.

All that said, I think back to all the things I endured in my life during these past couple of years as I wrote it. A little bit of the happy and sad times may well be embedded in the pages I penned. It makes me think how artists of all kinds can be so fueled by that passion inside them– be it a darkness in their life, anger, frustration or some other visceral response to life.

Musicians for instance… how many “one hit wonders” have their been?  Once they get their “fame and fortune” they seem to disappear. Is it because they lost their “fuel” to create more?  The trials and tribulations that allowed them the ability to create that masterpiece in the first place?

I dare not fall into that trap. I don’t propose that anything I write will make me any “fame and fortune”, but even mere comfort can trigger complacency. As a writer, I promise the reader to never be so complacent as to stop producing good works of fiction.

I’m hoping saying all this does not jinx me into a life living under a bridge. After all, it’s kind of hard to get published when you can’t get Internet. 🙂

Anyway, I’m going to try and finish this story that I am supposedly channeling from the spirit world. After that, it will be up to fate to decide whether it receives a warm reception. Till the next post…


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