Majesty’s Offspring, soon to be published…

At long last, I’ve been handed the final edit/proofread of the manuscript from my editor. After a final proofread of my own, I will begin the process of converting to an eBook and start selling it.

Majesty’s Offspring will be available for sale on Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s NOOK, Apple’s iBookstore & the Sony’s Reader store for the Sony Reader.

I am still hopeful for an end of June launch date!  Stay tuned here for details!   Free advanced print copies will be sent to 20 random selections from those who have subscribed to the Beta Readers list (click here to subscribe!)

Okay, enough blogging— I need to get cracking so I can make the book available to my fans! 🙂


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    One day I want to have someone make a commutative chorus pedal with a picture of Chorus on it.

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