What’s the big “idea” ???

As I was dozing off to sleep last night, I had a sudden inspirational idea (this usually happens to me when I’m either in the shower or on the crapper— don’t ask me why).

The “idea” was spawned by the things I’ve heard/read about how the “New York publishers” are hurting, and that eBooks are taking off and outselling print books.

This “idea” was the culmination of the critiques that I silently spewed out (to myself mainly) regarding how there are so many things a book author could do to promote his/her book using the internet. It’s been partly brought on from my own experience attempting to put this web site together, and all of the other elements involved in turning Majesty’s Offspring into an eBook novel.

The “idea” may well be my endgame… my career goal in life.  It seems so obvious now in retrospect— yet like so many things that fate throws our way, it doesn’t come together until you have already drawn a conclusion of what “it” is.

The “idea” is to start my own eBook publishing company.  Majesty’s Offspring will be the first novel published— but I can see myself helping other authors do the same.  I think it will be fun.  Already have a name for it (the company)…. details in later blog posts.  🙂

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