Still here…

Been neglecting my blog of late, so I figured it was time to vomit something onto the screen.

Well, let’s see… the rollercoaster of life has been keeping me busy, but I won’t bore you with those details. My writing time has been mostly consumed by Soul Census. It appears to be the never-ending… ending that just won’t, well… end!

In any event, I’m hoping to have it done by May (no really!). I sent the first-half to my editor, and he apparently loved it, so that’s a good sign. Now I just have to make sure the last half is at least as good as the first… I actually think it’s going to be better.

So once this is done with, I plan on returning to the Age of Majesty series. I think I’ve decided on doing the sequel next instead of the prequel. Although, my mind might change again by the time I start writing. There is a definite allure to writing about the tribes and tribulations of Daniel Chin as a young AI. On the other hand, there is an allure to seeing Julius & Laina being the “parent” to Melody, and her trials and tribulations as an AI child in hiding. Okay, I’m torn again.

Time to return to my writing, till the next time I remember I have a blog…


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