Fountain of Imagination

I’ve often wondered about the source of creativity. Like all artists, I have been gifted (or cursed at times) with an extremely creative mind for as long as I can remember. I used to take it for granted until I put that imagination to work in the craft of writing. Then I began to realize “Hey, not everyone can do ‘this’…”

Since that realization, I wondered what the source of it was. Sure, the logical side of me may point to a map of my brain on a wall, slapping it with a ruler like some eager professor claiming that this obscure spot of misfiring neurons is the source of my creativity. But that would be a boring and mundane explanation wouldn’t it?

I would like to instead imagine that the source of creativity is something else… perhaps something more “multidimensional” than an empty area between synapses. Let’s just pretend that for a moment. After all, with “spooky” science like quantum mechanics, anything may be possible with the mere observance of an event or application of thought.

So, perhaps these characters, visages and worlds we authors create or simply glimpses of an alternate reality… tiny glimpses of what was, is or may be, in another world or dimension. That would make us historians retelling a story that perhaps was. Maybe science fiction stories are actually history books from the future?

Fantasy the translation of an alternative universe into a context that us mere humans may understand. Or perhaps, alternate realities that can, or have, or will, exist. Just depends on which membrane you happen to be hopping on.

Or…. maybe it is just an empty spot of misfiring neurons that I’m trying to glorify into something cooler. But hey, it’s fun to think about. 🙂


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