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I thought it might be cool to add an “FAQ” section, or post, to the site.  So here is my stab at that…

What is Majesty’s Offspring?

Majesty’s Offspring is a Science Fiction, Space Opera novel that I wrote.  The main page does a better job of explaining what it’s about, but I’ll boil it down even further:  It’s about space pirates, who accidentally befriend the last living A.I., Chorus, daughter of “Majesty”.  These space pirates are then hunted by warring stellar governments, who want the A.I. for themselves.  Along the way, these pirates, lead by the duo of Julius Verndock & Laina Edwards, also become the target of another sinister threat that is even more powerful than the governments that hunt them.

Who or what is “Majesty”?

Majesty was initially the project codename to create a very powerful computer, that was originally intended to control Nanobots, with a goal of cleaning up and fixing all mankind’s problems.  Majesty was so powerful that it became “self-aware”, the first self-aware Artificial Intelligent being.  Majesty adopted the name for her… I mean, itself.

What are nanobots?

If you don’t know what nanobots are, you’re probably not a Sci-Fi fan; and are probably not my target audience.  However, you do have to start somewhere, and if this is going to be your first Sci-Fi read, I’ll try to help you with that. :.   Nanobots are tiny, cell-sized robots that work in teams of millions to perform a task.  Think of armies of ants working together to build an ant mound or something.  Nanobots are like that, they can fly through the air and “create” things by manipulating things at the subatomic level.  Think of them as “fairy dust” or magic.  Much easier way to look at it.  :.

Who is Daniel Chin?

Can’t tell you. Read the book.

Julius Verndock’s name sounds a bit like Jules Verne.  Was that deliberate?

Actually it wasn’t.  I am ashamed to admit this, but I didn’t even know who Jules Verne was when I came up with that name. I certainly had heard the name Jules Verne, but in my head I thought it was some 18th century scientist or something (I said I was ashamed to admit it, quite chiding me).

When someone mentioned this to me, I looked Jules Verne up, and lo and behold, I became enlightened.  It is an interesting coincidence, as Verne was a pioneer in Science Fiction writing and liked to write about nautical themes.  But, it’s a either an interesting coincidence, or I was Jules Verne in a past life!

Who are you?

Me?  Oh I’m Jules Verne…. I mean AJ Vega.  A lonely writer who lives in a cave, devoid of most human contact.  I’m not a famous writer, or even remotely successful writer for that matter.  I wrote this novel and built this site and its content mostly on my own.  I hired some help here and there, but mostly it’s all me. It took me about two years to write it (it’s over 180k words) so it’s the size of two novels really.

Did you do the ship/space artwork yourself?  What software did you use?

Most of it. I used stock photographs for some of the site imagery.  But the Sea Wolf I did from scratch.  I did borrow some 3d meshes (with the author’s permission. to be used in some of the space scenes.  As for the software, I use:  Newtek Lightwave 3D, GIMP & Poser Pro for the artwork.  I used WriteItNow to help me write the actual novel.  All of these software I highly recommend, they’re great.

Are you going to write a sequel, or prequel, or short-stories in the Majesty’s Offspring universe?

Maybe.  At the moment I can’t decide whether to write a prequel or a sequel. It also depends on whether this book sells at all and that there is interest in this.  If you are a fan and would like to see this happen, leave me some reviews on Amazon, B&N and Apple iStore; without reviews, there’s no hope for it to sell.

Is your novel published by a big publisher?

Nope. I don’t have a publisher or agent, I’m doing this completely on my own.

Uhhh, why?

Because I don’t want to write a bunch of query letters that will just end in rejection anyway. Unless you are an established author, there’s no chance to break in when you are writing in a niche genre like Science Fiction.  If I was writing about horny vampires, that would be different— but I’d rather cut my fingers off than do that. I see this as a hobby really, so I’ll try to keep some dignity about it.

If it’s a hobby, why don’t you give your novel away for free?

I invested two years of writing, and a year of editing and web/art design. I think it deserves to be sold.  I paid more for the Dunkin Donuts coffee that I’m drinking right now (which took about two minutes to prepare, and I will be done drinking in about 10 minutes) than what I’m selling Majesty’s Offspring for at $2.99— which will provide a reader with hopefully a month’s worth of pleasure.

Not to mention, it would be an insult to those writers out there who actually do make a living writing and depend on that sale.  If all writers gave their stuff away, eventually there would be few writers left.  Why would someone invest that much of their life and get nothing in return for it?  I’m puzzled by the notion that books should be free.

Here’s an idea: Write a book yourself, make sure it’s at least 80,000 words, is professionally edited afterwards, proofread, and then create artwork for that.  12 months later (at least), when you’re done with all of that, give it away for nothing. I dare you.

Sorry didn’t mean to froth at the mouth there… looks like that Dunkin Donuts napkin just came in handy.

More FAQs to be added…

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