An eBook’s entertainment value…

I was thinking the other day about the cost of eBooks, specifically what should be the right “price” for a novel-length, Science Fiction eBook. From what I read in articles and heard on podcasts, the state of publishing is in such disarray that nobody knows what the right price should be for an eBook.

So I scoured through Amazon’s Top 100 Science Fiction eBooks in search for a possible answer. I came away with prices ranging from 0.99 cents to $29.95 (ridiculous!)— from this wide range of pricing, it is obviously that there is no “standard” price for Ebooks.  Perhaps in another year prices will stabilize and there will be a tighter, more logical price range (maybe).

In any event, I couldn’t wait that long, I needed a number— so I choose $2.99.  I think that’s a fair price for an eBook— giving the author enough profit after selling through online retailers (who take 30-35% of the selling price for themselves) to justify a career in writing (assuming it sells enough copies). This is of course from the perspective of a self-published author, as I understand big publishers take far more of the profit for themselves, but I digress…

So the result of this rant is below— a little statistical table to shed some light on the potential entertainment value of an eBook. Of course, these statistics are purely for entertainment purposes (pun intended): 🙂

Interesting statistics:

Entertainment Source Majesty’s Offspring             
(or any novel at 170,000+words)
Starbucks Coffee Hollywood Movie
Creation Time (Apx)

Two Years (651 hours)

Two minutes preparation time

12 to 24 Months

Cost (US)

$2.99 (eBook)

$1.75 to $2.07


Duration of Entertainment (Apx)

12 Hours

20 minutes

90 minutes

I’d say buying a good novel provides plenty of entertainment value, don’t you think?

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