The Chronicles of Daniel Chin, Episode 2 up…

Okay, so I finally got Episode two of TCDC up. I know I said I would get it done by Mid-may— I guess I should start doubling my estimates… now if only I could double my book sales as easily 😛

I’m beginning to really like TCDC— I think it has a lot of potential. Could easily see it as a television series even.  With the paranormal romance craze soon coming to an end, something has to takes its place!  Why not a Sci-Fi Love story about a girl and a boy?  Who also happens to be Majesty’s Spawn… the tool by which the machines end up overthrowing mankind.

Hey — I think that’s what I’ll call it if I decide to turn it into a novel:  Majesty’s Spawn.  Or maybe, Majesty’s Secret Spawn?   Hmm.  Something good will come to me eventually.  Of course, people will have to show an interest in TCDC before I decide to take it that far.!

Anyway, if you’re interested, you can read Episodes 1 & 2 right here. For free even!


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