Channeling Prose…

I recently visited a psychic (if roll your eyes, you can stop reading).

It’s only the second time I’ve been to one– in both cases their predictions were pretty accurate. Some of things she said resonated, others I am waiting to see if they happen.

The one thing she said that I found interesting was that she said that I am “channeling” Soul Census somehow.

I’ve always felt that the things I write– the source of creativity, to be a mystical thing. I don’t just mean me, I mean all good artists. It’s a fascinating idea if you think about it. That creativity is being passed to us from some “Source”… the collective unconscious, The Universe, The Presence, God, whatever you want to call it.

Let’s pretend this is true for a moment. What does it mean? Is there some purpose behind it?  Some “karmic” function in creating art?  For the artist and/or for the fan?

I think back to that Quantum Mechanics experiment (I forget the name of it) where particles & waves are passed through slits, revealing that “things” do not exist until they are observed. Is it possible that is all we are? Observations made possible by an all-seeing eye?

If the matter that we see is created through the act of observation, then who is to say that the things we “channel” as artists do not exist in another parallel dimension. Perhaps, one possible alternate universe that we create in our minds and exist in some form of matter elsewhere.

If we are observations manifested by “God”, then maybe we retain some of that same power within us– the power to manifest worlds… somewhere else, in a galaxy far away perhaps?

Maybe that’s all anti-matter really is. Those manifestations… which can never meet their creator without a massive explosion.

Perhaps even, that’s why we are separated from The Spirit Realm by bodies… so that we don’t just blow up. 🙂

And only when we shed these physical, third-dimensional bodies, can we interact with The Spirit Realm… without it being a volatile mix.

Just some mental diarrhea. Fun to think about sometimes…

-AJ Vega

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