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New Adventures, The Chronicles of Daniel Chin…

I went ahead and created my first “New Adventures” short story, based on characters from Majesty’s Offspring.  This one is going to be a series of episodes based on the early years of Daniel Chin. The story will center around Chin’s years in school, an exercise that his “mother” pushed him into for her own […]

Final stages of edit…

Okay, so I’m finally done with the copyedit phase and now we’re down to the proofread stage. My editor hopes to have to me next month, which means I’m not sure I’m going to be able to make the May 2011 launch I had hoped for— maybe end of May or beginning of June is […]


Where do I begin…? Well, if you’re reading this, either you’re somebody I know or you stumbled onto this site somehow— either way:  WELCOME! This web site’s purpose is to introduce fans (and potential fans) to my novel, Majesty’s Offspring and the world it is written in, The Age of Majesty.  I hope to make this […]