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Updated Majesty’s Offspring

I decided to do update Majesty’s Offspring. I took some advice I was getting in reviews and trimmed certain parts so it moves more quickly in certain spots. I also corrected some grammar and stylistic errors. If you bought Majesty’s Offspring from the Kindle store before now, you can send Amazon support a message to […]

Review of Soul Census…

Received a nice review from Reader’s Favorites on Soul Census. Check it out… Reviewed by Chris Fischer for Readers’ Favorite “Whoa! That’s exactly what I thought when I finished reading Soul Census, the first book in a planned trilogy by author AJ Vega. This absolutely epic read is one that will engage readers from the […]

Soul Census now out….

Finally got Soul Census completed. It is available on Amazon here (click).   Now that it’s out of the way, maybe I can return to writing the sequel to Majesty’s Offspring. 🙂

Nearing the End

I am almost done with Soul Census. I say this with confidence as I am writing the last chapter and should be done in a matter of days, maybe sooner. This novel was both rewarding and emotionally exhausting. Mainly due to the numerous real life tragedies I faced in the midst of writing it. It […]

Channeling Prose…

I recently visited a psychic (if roll your eyes, you can stop reading). It’s only the second time I’ve been to one– in both cases their predictions were pretty accurate. Some of things she said resonated, others I am waiting to see if they happen. The one thing she said that I found interesting was that […]