The Age of Majesty (Prequel)…

I’m a glutton for punishment. I must be as I’ve begun outlining another monsterpiece in the form of the prequel to the hugely unsuccessful highly admired by me mainly novel Majesty’s Offspring.

The new novel, which I am targeting to be at novella length and will most likely be about two full novels-length worth in the end, tells the story of Majesty’s birth, and her use of Daniel Chin as a pawn for her own nefarious purpose.

It will also tell Hugo Valdez’ story, meeting his wife, committing suicide and then his rebirth and role in the war that overthrows Majesty. It will also feature Julius and Laina, telling their stories mainly from the perspective of Hugo Valdez.  However, it will talk about how Julius & Laina met, and how they started their pirate venture, leading into the main story of the existing Majesty’s Offspring novel.

As for what the new novel is going to be called, I’m a bit torn. Majesty’s Spawn or Age of Majesty seem to be my favorites at the moment. I’m leaning towards Age of Majesty I think.

Where will I find the time & energy to waste on this, I have no idea. But I’ve noticed that if I don’t write, bad things happen around me, so I’m thinking I better start cracking before fate raises its callused hand and slaps me with it.


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