Monthly Archives: April 2014

Nearing the End

I am almost done with Soul Census. I say this with confidence as I am writing the last chapter and should be done in a matter of days, maybe sooner. This novel was both rewarding and emotionally exhausting. Mainly due to the numerous real life tragedies I faced in the midst of writing it. It […]

Channeling Prose…

I recently visited a psychic (if roll your eyes, you can stop reading). It’s only the second time I’ve been to one– in both cases their predictions were pretty accurate. Some of things she said resonated, others I am waiting to see if they happen. The one thing she said that I found interesting was that […]

Fountain of Imagination

I’ve often wondered about the source of creativity. Like all artists, I have been gifted (or cursed at times) with an extremely creative mind for as long as I can remember. I used to take it for granted until I put that imagination to work in the craft of writing. Then I began to realize […]

Soul Census

Despite life’s attempts to derail my ambitions, I am nearing the end of Soul Census. Only a chapter to go (I think).  I say “I think” because I don’t plan these things out– every page is a mystery to me. Whatever the characters do and say are as much a surprise to me as to […]