Monthly Archives: March 2011

Editing completed… well, almost

Last night my editor sent me the complete edit of Majesty’s Offspring, so it’s time for me to get cracking again!  John’s a fantastic editor and a really nice guy, I was lucky to find someone of his caliber to help me with this. So, after I’m done incorporating the edits (probably a week), it’s […]

What’s the big “idea” ???

As I was dozing off to sleep last night, I had a sudden inspirational idea (this usually happens to me when I’m either in the shower or on the crapper— don’t ask me why). The “idea” was spawned by the things I’ve heard/read about how the “New York publishers” are hurting, and that eBooks are […]

Sample eBook

So I played around with Adobe Flash again, and using a plugin I bought, created a cool way of showing off the “Sample eBook”— it looks kind of like the NOOK Color in the way it turns the pages— pretty cool. I’ll be adding more to the free sample later, once my editor finishes touching […]


Where do I begin…? Well, if you’re reading this, either you’re somebody I know or you stumbled onto this site somehow— either way:  WELCOME! This web site’s purpose is to introduce fans (and potential fans) to my novel, Majesty’s Offspring and the world it is written in, The Age of Majesty.  I hope to make this […]